Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Yamaha Jupiter MX 2011 2012

new yamaha jupiter mx 2011 2012 2013

Stories about yamaha new jupiter mx, my first experience possessed this bike is now used when I have yamaha vega r 2007. At that time I did not intend to buy new yamaha jupiter mx 2012, but only during a visit to my sisters house turns out he bought yamaha mx this. kemudian fact he intends to buy is not for himself but for his wife. At that time she talked to me to buy a bike that is given my sister, because the wife of my brother can not use the existing motorcycle clutch. thats where I bought it. first i do not like or mediocre when wearing this motorcycle. 

But when I pass the overpass, motor shows strength that made me so happy with this bike. at that time I was still curious, so I tried it again on the long straight. ultimately terrible exceptional strength for the motorcycle. motor gasoline and speed 135cc. for those of you who will buy it for sure you will not regret it: D. so my story may help.