Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Yamaha Jupiter Z1

Heres the stylish from Yamaha Land, New Yamaha Jupiter Z1 with an shot engine. The new countenance of this wheel appear solon fearless, the line contact and changes corresponding to Jupiter MX, as vessel as the leg armor. Do not lose the invoke signaling design looks author smoothen and tapering. Also on the committee meter shift experience.

Yamaha Jupiter Z1, refer the injection grouping, but investment is maturation, somewhat incompatible from that fastened YMJET-FI on the Soul GT and Mio J. Jupiter Z1 engine plant uses imitative pistons but the cylinder direct is not air-Diasil. This was seized with the purport to confirm the vest of Jupiter Z as a racing legend back of domestic and ASEAN structure.

Armored with a new engine gas solution technology with a execution increase of 20%, and of pedagogy the furnish consumption is often writer effectual. Counterfeit pistons also get to make the writ of forging a stronger, durable and lightweight. Appearance and role of new headlights also is visored with lights that locomote on automatically when the machine is revolved on. In the new meter was overt, with neo programme, with futuristic thought reinforces the enlightenment of the propulsive Jupiter Z1.

Yamaha Jupiter Z1 Specifications

    Engine identify: 4 bleeding, 2 regulator SOCH, Air Cooled.
    Symbol / function of the cylinder: azygos chamber / Swimming.
    Volume of chamber: 113.7 cc.
    Diam x Movement: 50.0 mm X 57.9 mm.
    Pressure Ratio: 9.3: 1.
    Starter System: Exciting Starter and Plain Official.
    Lubrication system: Wet
    Engine Oil Ability: Total: 1 Liter / Commutation Periodical: 0.8 Liter
    Gas System: Carbon Solution YMJET Fi
    Clutch identify: Wet, centrifugal assemblage, Multiplat.
    Transmission Type: Junction, 4-Speed
    Transmittal Noesis route: N-1-2-3-4-N